Jobsite Safety

PARIC has a current EMR of 0.50, well below the industry standard of 1.0. We employ a full-time Safety Director who is responsible for implementing training and ensuring proper construction techniques to guarantee the highest level of safety on all PARIC projects. With routine PARIC safety inspections, we go beyond what other construction firms provide to ensure safety issues do not negatively impact your project. Jobsite Safety is a PARIC expertise.

Jobsite Safety expertise is one of Paric's top concerns.

Sustainable Buildings

Our 30+ LEED certified employees have helped complete nearly 2 million sq.ft. of LEED certified projects in the last five years, as well as the first-ever LEED certified building in the state of Missouri. With projects achieving such accolades as LEED Platinum certification, we help our customers develop sustainable solutions to maximize value.

Quality Focused Construction

With a full-time quality expert on staff, our ability to inspect and ensure the quality of the construction performed on your project is second to none. We utilize multiple techniques to review plans, inspect materials, and oversee construction processes - all to get the work completed with the highest level of craftsmanship. We provide custom solutions based on the unique needs of each client, and at the end of the day this is how our customers judge the value we deliver.

Complex Financial Mechanisms

PARIC has significant expertise in the following financial mechanisms: HUD/MHDC, LIHTC, Historic Tax Credits, and Brownfields/Land Revitalization. We have decades of experience that spans several project types and industries. We have the intimate knowledge required to get you the most value out of your opportunity, while minimizing the risks associated with your project.