Our Process for Building Excellence

Our process and services hinge on allowing each construction management professional to spend enough time with each client to develop innovative, efficient and economical solutions to meet each customer’s needs.

Project team members work together to create:

  • A shared vision for each project.
  • A shared sense of ownership.
  • A level of collaboration that produces an unparalleled customer experience.

Adding Value

PARIC is prepared to provide clients with our unique brand of innovation, knowledge, and teamwork. Our highly motivated specialists, proven processes, and advanced technology are critical to every project’s success.

PARIC Construction in St. Louis offers several services in the construction industry.

General Contracting

PARIC utilizes its relationships and reputation as a construction leader to bring the best workers to your project. Having our own team of highly skilled carpenters and laborers provides us more control over project costs, scheduling, and overall quality. Our commitment to safety and quality throughout the entire project lifecycle is unmatched. Meeting tight deadlines and bringing the highest level of quality to every project is the standard at PARIC.

Services Provided By PARIC Construction, St. Louis, MO
PARIC Construction Company out of St. Louis Missouri offers many services including the design and build of a project.


Construction Management

We minimize risks involved with the construction process by partnering with the owner and their architect in all phases of project development. Our construction management team will maintain cost controls and mitigate risk by leveraging a range of building technologies, including proprietary software to evaluate the constructability and schedule of the project. PARIC can diminish your risk by identifying the best vendors for your needs and managing those vendors to the highest levels of safety and quality.

Construction Management is one of Paric construction companies expertise in St. Louis, MO.

Building Services

Our building experts can help you maintain your building with our on-site services. Our quality walks determine the condition of your building’s interior and exterior components. We can provide maintenance recommendations to help you strategically plan the best course of action and help you get the most out of your annual maintenance budget.