PARIC Celebrates Diversity & Inclusion Week

Oct 18, 2021

Inclusion graphic

CONSTRUCTION INCLUSION WEEK was created In 2020 when a group of general contractors: Gilbane, DPR, Turner Construction, Mortenson, McCarthy, and Clark Construction Group created a consortium titled Time for Change with a single purpose: identifying ways to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in construction.  Through this effort, Construction Inclusion Week was born.

The heart of DE&I is the simple fact that we all have different experiences, beliefs, insecurities, and much more that have shaped who we are and how we think.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that our industry has been slow to embrace this topic which is why “Construction Inclusion Week” was developed.  There is so much power in diversity and it can only be harnessed when we recognize the differences between us and learn to respect and value each individual regardless of their background.

We’re excited to be participating in this important work and will be sharing thought-provoking and inspiring content with everyone the week of October 18th.  Just like Safety, this is a topic that needs to become part of our DNA – not just celebrated and recognized one week per year.   It is our hope that this week ignites important dialogue and brings a sometimes divisive topic to the forefront.  Thank you in advance for your compassion and engagement!

And often the first step is needing to understand the starting line. Members of the PARIC team were willing to step forward and share how feeling excluded has impacted them. Please take a moment to watch this video and learn where our starting line is.