We are using our “A” letterform in this approach as a storytelling device – through three intended visual metaphors. First, the shape of the negative space and the approach to the lateral stem at the meanline of the “A” suggests the summit, tower or cupola of a building, communicating the physical nature of what we do, as well as the quality of that craft. At second glance, the shape suggests a pencil. This is meant to communicate the “roll-up the sleeves” nature of our peerless pre-con process – built on great planning and innovative ideas.

The remaining letters here have been drawn to give them a progressive linear feel and rational conceptual underpinning.




The icon uses design cues from the art deco and machine age visual traditions to create an icon that is at once classic and interesting. This icon is also a “badge,” creating something that is visually very “tight.” The metaphors remain consistent with the building summit or pencil represented in the heart of the design. The shape of the badge is intended to have sharp angles that give it an industrial feel. The “P” is placed at the top of the badge to both represent the letter from the wordmark, and position the company above the building summit. This placement is ment to reflect PARIC’s expectation for their clients to “EXPERIENCE. EXCELLENCE.”

Awards and Recognition

PARIC has received a wide range of awards over the last 37 years. These awards represent not only some of the best work in the region, but also PARIC's ingenuity and desire to be one of the best construction firms in the nation.