For over 40 years, our core values have successfully guided PARIC and driven our brand. These values are the fundamental principles that shape who we are as a company and how we conduct business.

These core values are the wellspring of the reputation for excellence that our company enjoys today.

Power of One Team

Because people are the force behind every success. We have unity in purpose and diversity in talent.

Exceeding Expectations

Because surpassing all expectations is so profoundly satisfying. This commitment to excellence extends to every employee and to every project.

Enhancing our Community

Because we build more than buildings. We give our time, talents and resources to a range of community efforts.

Doing What We Say

Because as the adage says: “You’re only as good as your word.” If we say something is going to happen, it will happen.

Relentless Evolution

Because if you’re not learning from your mistakes you’re not growing. We embrace positive change, face challenges head-on and get even better with every project.

Core Values are the part of PARIC Construction that has held us together as a great company