Another Step Toward National Recognition of St. Louis as “Tech City”

Nov 21, 2018

Technology experts at PARIC are hoping to earn St. Louis the honorary title of “Tech City.”

Andy Leek, PARIC’s vice president of technology and innovation, delivered a keynote address to thousands of architecture, engineering, and construction professionals at a Las Vegas conference.

Andy and his team of seven technology professionals have helped the company integrate new technology-based platforms to streamline construction workflow. This not only impacts PARIC employees but improves efficiency and accuracy for owner representatives and sub-contractors involved in complex building projects. More importantly, PARIC uses predictive analytics to estimate risk and improve safety measures.

PARIC has been at the forefront of technology for nearly 40 years. In the last two years, PARIC has used its integrated technology to manage over $1 billion in construction projects in the Midwest.

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