Ty Perry Advances Construction Diversity Leadership at PARIC

PARIC Corporation has named Ty Perry as Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. In this role, Perry will lead policies and programs focused on PARIC's commitment to supplier and workforce diversity. In construction, diversity leadership is essential to many aspects of business and operations.

For that reason, throughout the last two decades, PARIC has focused on building with a supply chain and workforce that reflects the communities in which it works, according to PARIC President Keith Wolkoff.

"Today, people want to do business with organizations that resonate with their values and communities,” says Wolkoff. “More importantly, companies that continue to improve their commitments to diversity and inclusion will be better for it in almost every way. We are thrilled with the sophistication and passion Ty Perry will be bringing to our work in this area."

Ty Perry’s History of Construction Diversity Leadership

Perry has 23 years of experience in supplier and workforce diversity programs, both in Colorado and St. Louis. In addition, he co-founded and led the Conference of Minority Transportation (COMTO) Officials, St. Louis Chapter. Also, he is a past Board Member of the Missouri Regional Certification Committee. This group established and oversaw the Federal Transit Administration’s mandated national Unified Certification Program.

Perry managed the Denver Regional Transit District's supplier/workforce compliance monitoring and reporting program. And, for the last nine years, he operated his own professional service company, where he grew Colorado's supplier/workforce and capacity, matching small and minority-owned firms with prime contractors on large infrastructure projects.

Perry says, "Joining PARIC is an uncommon opportunity. I'm positioned to blend my experience in the entrepreneurial and governmental sectors with the needs and opportunities of the private sector. I'll be combining my passion for a diverse, equitable and inclusive St. Louis region with my experience and seeking substantive change that will benefit everyone."

Meaningful and Impactful Partnerships with MBE and WBE

PARIC takes a holistic approach to diversity leadership, both in our company and in the construction industry as a whole. Therefore, we have a solid track record of meeting and exceeding diversity and inclusion goals on our projects.