Together We Achieve More

As a prominent construction leader in the region, PARIC recognizes the importance of MBE/WBE and the greater community impact of employing these businesses. Over the last two decades our sustained success in providing meaningful inclusion on all our projects starts with a company culture that understands the critical need to grow the capabilities of minority firms in our area. The culture is reinforced with a corporate goal of 15% inclusion on every PARIC project that has resulted in over $250 million in MBE/WBE contracts awarded in the past five years. The key component of our success is recognizing that inclusion must be planned at the inception of a project prior to bidding and utilize the multifaceted approach detailed in this section. 

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Assistance & Mentoring

If needed we have the banking, bonding, and insurance relationships to help establish smaller minority vendors. If a vendor does not qualify for this program we will selectively assist vendors through joint check agreements with their material supplier or floating the payroll every thirty days and in some cases, weekly. We will provide training and support for all MBE/WBE subcontractors selected. 

Additionally we have entered several formal mentor/protégé relationships established through the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC). Our program requires a one-on-one kick-off meeting at the start of every subcontract. We work to define the schedule, manpower, sequence, insurance requirements, lien waivers, pay application process, and schedule of values generation. This pre-planning ensures a successful project for both parties.

Assistance and Mentoring
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Identification & Pre-Qualification

We update our MBE/WBE bid database monthly, ensuring that it is current with each approved certifying agency listing. The database is further defined by item code (scope of work) of certification. Our team consistently meets with new vendors to assess their capabilities, provide mentoring, and outline opportunities.

Project Specific Plan

With each project we will map the anticipated path to maximize inclusion. The map will evaluate the value of each trade package in conjunction with the available minority trade partners. This evaluation allows us to craft the appropriately sized packages and/or partnerships early in the preconstruction phase. 


We will work with the project team, community leaders and certifying agencies to coordinate and implement an effective outreach plan. This plan includes:

  • A bid solicitation to every certified minority vendor with several follow up phone calls to generate interest in the project and facilitate partnerships if necessary. 
  • Targeting specific work categories for minority prime or sub-prime vendors based on an understanding of existing skill sets and expertise with the available minority vendors. 
  • A series of pre-bid meetings specifically communicating the project goals and targeting the previously identified work packages for prime minority vendors or strategic partnerships. 
  • Assembling a front end bid document that clearly outlines the weight we will assign for the inclusion plans when evaluating the bid proposals. 
  • Advertising the upcoming bid packages in local newspapers and area publications.
  • Making bid documents available electronically, at MOKAN, and our offices in St. Louis. We will also provide loaner documents to those who need additional time. 

Documentation & Reports

A summary of all phone call, bid solicitations, pre-bid attendee sign-ins, commitment letters and copies of advertising will be compiled prior to start of work to address any questions or concerns. 

Every monthly payment application must include a standardized summary of inclusion to date. Any vendor falling behind in their commitments must attend a planning session within 72 hours of requesting a meeting. The meeting must include a principle of their company to explain the company’s plan and commitment to achieve the inclusion goals. Every month we will provide an executive summary detailing participation to date and updated projections.

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