Drew Siebert Named New Project Executive of Historic Renovation and Multi-Family

Jun 6, 2019

PARIC is happy to welcome our newest Project Executive to the team, Drew Siebert. Drew leads the Historic Renovation and Multi-Family markets. He is also  responsible for marshaling all of the necessary in-house and external resources to achieve our client’s goals. His developer-oriented mindset brings a unique approach to planning and preconstruction that adds value throughout all phases of construction.

Drew received his degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology. After that, Drew’s career took him to the Rocky Mountains, to the Pacific Northwest, and then back to St. Louis. As a result, he became an expert in vertical construction. Drew has been involved in several high-profile projects including the 1.9 million sq. ft. high-rise mixed-use development, ELEV8, in Bellevue, Washington. Drew also completed the 26-acre Streets of St. Charles mixed-use development in St. Charles, Missouri.