BIM Coordination

PARIC facilitates BIM Coordination to mitigate installation errors in the field and enable prefabrication.  This approach eliminates design related errors that impact schedule and budget, and by leveraging cloud-based tools to host design information in a central location, the entire design team and project stakeholders have real-time access to design information, and can quickly react to changes and offer cost saving solutions to enhance our projects.

Reality Capture

PARIC utilizes laser scanners and drones to collect real world context information about projects related to terrain, adjacent buildings, access, and other elements that impact the construction process.  Leveraging 3D models, we then utilize robotic survey instruments to accurately layout all building elements for error free installation.  By establishing a common control system for our projects, we enable our subcontractor teams to prefab, layout, and install with confidence.

Logistics and Phasing

Further leveraging reality capture and BIM technology, PARIC proactively develops highly detailed simulations to study and plan logistics, safety, and build strategies that help project teams and owners, better understand the build process.  This process begins early during preconstruction activities, when we can mitigate challenges and identify efficient and cost effective solutions for the build process.  The ability to simulate this with real world context, and photorealistic design information helps project stakeholders better understand these scenarios, and enables constructive feedback.