PARIC is continually committed to being at the forefront of emerging trends in the construction industry. In following this, Project Estimator, Lee Peppin, has recently become certified as a Green Globes Professional - one of only 22 such individuals in the state of Missouri.

Green Globes is an online rating and certification tool for sustainable building that was developed in 2000. In 2004, Green Building Initiative (GBI) acquired the rights to the Green Globes building assessment and certification program as an alternative to LEED. Green Globes certification is similar to LEED; however, it tends to have a greater range of flexibility and options in its guidelines regarding a project’s size, complexity, and degree of innovation. "I believe the certification process offered through Green Globes provides a great opportunity for Owners, Developers, and Architects who are looking for a proven option in finding a way to provide the community with a sustainable and efficient building that will have a minimal impact on the overall project budget” said Lee.

Over the past 10 years, Green Globes has expanded throughout North America and is quickly becoming a widely recognized alternative to LEED for industry professionals. The program is structured as a self-assessment to be done in-house with a Project Manager and design team, and covers various aspects of green building, including: new construction and significant renovations, commercial interiors, and existing buildings.

Lee’s certification is an exciting milestone in PARIC’s ongoing commitment to increasing our efforts in sustainable building. “PARIC is a company that continues to make sustainable building concepts and sustainable corporate practices an important aspect of our core value of striving to Enhance our Community. I am proud to be able to contribute to our core values as a Green Globes Professional” Lee said.

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