PARIC Builds Stage for West 18th Street Fashion Show

Jun 16, 2021

Build teamPARIC participated in the 21st annual West 18th Street Fashion show in Kansas City’s vibrant Crossroads Arts District. This year’s theme was “Summer Tableau” and featured avant-garde backdrops instead of a traditional runway. Audience members were able to walk by the tableaus, each featuring a group of models depicting a scene from a story or important moment in history.

PARIC partnered with local architecture firm, DRAW, to create an installation to showcase pieces from Cosmosphere. The team collaborated to design and build an energetic interactive stage based on the human experience and collective consciousness. The design featured white columns with wide colorful brushstrokes separated by mirrors reflecting models and passersby.

PARIC’s office is located just one block away from the Crossroads Arts District, so naturally, the team wanted to participate. PARIC project manager, Trevor Littlejohn, coordinated the project for the Kansas City office. “Our team loves to get involved in our community, and now that COVID restrictions are lifting, we can finally get back into it, commented Littlejohn. “When Jay Tomlinson, head architect of the fashion show, reached out to us about being involved we were extremely excited to be the first contractor to say yes.”

Paige Crosswhite, voted “best artist in KC” in 2020 and who also happens to be Trevor’s fiancé, was tasked with painting the columns. Armed with students she teaches at the local community center, Paige helped make the design pop.

The 18th Street Fashion Show was a welcome step toward normalcy for Kansas Citians who were happy to celebrate the city’s diversity and artistic styles.