PARIC partners with Dusty Robotics to develop, one-of-a-kind robot for construction sites

Jul 28, 2021

PARIC Corporation has partnered with Dusty Robotics, a start-up from the bay area, on an innovative robot that transforms today’s construction site. The ‘Field Printer’ robot, affectionally referred to as ‘Johnny 5’, is an advanced robotic platform that uses cutting-edge technology to autonomously navigate and layout (print) walls, doors, windows, and more.

The Field Printer system leverage CAD/BIM files, to print full-size floorplans on the floor deck/slab for builders. Construction crews install materials directly over these full-size printed plans, eliminating the opportunity for manual error.  Using precise control systems, Dusty draws straight lines with 1/16″ accuracy. Path planning, and obstacle avoidance technology, enable printing the layout adjacent to obstructions while optimizing print speed.

The Field Printer “is capable of laying out multiple trades at once, ensuring all crews are working from the same accurate information, in a fraction of the time”, notes Andy Leek – VP of Technology & Innovation for PARIC.  “This is game changer technology, that leverage all our BIM efforts, and reduces wear and tear on our field team, increasing productivity and eliminating errors.”