PARIC Recognized For Diversity and Inclusion Excellence

Aug 23, 2021

Kristen Stickel, Manager – Workforce & Enterprise Enrichment, was on hand to receive the award and recorded a video for the gala.


On Wednesday, August 18, the Saint Louis Council of Construction Consumers honored PARIC with the Organizational Excellence Award. This award recognizes organizations that go above and beyond for diversity/equity/inclusion. Our mentoring program, community outreach, and inclusion metrics related to our projects helped earn the recognition.

PARIC’s mission is building excellence to move our community forward. PARIC understands delivering on this mission requires the collective talents of employees who bring diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise, and believes in harnessing the boundless power that occurs when there is unity in purpose and diversity in talent. To that end, PARIC seeks wherever possible to attract and hire qualified individuals who mirror the community’s unique diversity.

PARIC’s EEO commitment sets forth result-oriented policies and commitments of good faith efforts to attain fairness and equity in the administration of all employment practices, including recruitment, hiring, compensation and benefits, leave and reasonable accommodations, career development and promotions, and training. These practices promote the creation and sustenance of a diverse workforce with access to successive career growth in an inclusive, open work environment that is free of discrimination or harassment.