PARIC Response to COVID-19

Apr 2, 2020

PARIC is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all of our employees both in the field and the office as well as our clients and partners.


UPDATE: As of 5-18-20 our headquarters is opening with a reduced workforce in the office. As state and local guidelines dictate we are allowing no more than 50% occupancy and enforcing strict screening and distancing rules as you can see outlined to the right.

VISITORS: You will be required to wear a face-covering while in the office and be temperature screened upon entry. Temperatures over 99.6F will not be permitted. Face coverings will be provided if you do not bring your own.

Our office employees are following the state guidelines to social distance while working from home. They are currently reachable through phone and email. Our employees are equipped with cutting edge cloud-based solutions which allow us to access data anywhere in the world. We also have robust video conferencing capabilities to keep us easily accessible for meetings on the fly.

PARIC has also eliminated any non-essential travel. We also continue to offer employees access to Teladoc, a service that provides access to physicians 24/7. Doctors can help diagnose and provide prescriptions for anyone feeling ill…all from the comfort of their own home.


As a construction company we are currently classified as an essential business according to federal and state guidelines. To keep our employees safe we are implementing strict safety standards including daily body temperature checks. Employees must test within the normal range before gaining access to the job site. Face masks must also be worn by anyone working on a job site as part of their PPE requirements.


Keeping our field personnel able to work safely is PARIC’s #1 priority. Part of this commitment to safety is our Core Values hotline for all PARIC employees to confidentially report any concern, suggestion or question to Management. This includes concerns about jobsite safety regarding COVID-19. We encourage employees to speak with their supervisor or union representative, but this hotline provides an anonymous alternate method for expressing concerns if needed. The number, available 24/7, is: 833-407-6259.


Additionally, the AGCMO and St. Louis area labor leaders have also come together to announce a Protect Yourself. Protect Others hotline telephone number where field personnel can confidentially leave a message regarding COVID-19 safety concerns and AGCMO staff will work to address the issues. This number is also available to any worker – union or open shop – throughout Missouri: 314-781-2356 ext. 1050