PARIC’s Engineering Peer Group Takes Part in Hands-On Learning

May 20, 2022


PARIC’s Engineering Peer Group embarked on the first half of its summer hands-on session last week, completing the installation of three different building envelope systems, testing the air and water performance of each barrier. With Operations Field Manager Jesse Flinn at the helm throughout both sessions, nearly 50 participants teamed up to get real-world understanding of the materials and processes required in the field. This provides knowledge of the products specified and installed, as well as become more attuned to tangible challenges PARIC self-perform teams encounter every day.


Open to all positions with an engineering or estimating title, the PARIC Engineering Peer Group sequences activities to build upon prior instruction and experience, reinforcing links between stages of a project. Team members are engaged in a different scope of work each session, building a well-rounded understanding beyond their individual roles.



Hats off to this crew that not only exemplifies the PARIC Core Value “Relentless Evolution,” but is having fun building a team in the process.