Siteman Cancer Center South County

St. Louis, Missouri

PARIC Corporation has completed the 37,000 sq. ft., $10.5 million facility which sits on a sixteen-acre site in South St. Louis County.

The center is a state-of-the-art treatment facility that houses physicians from radiation oncology, medical oncology, and surgeons which allows patients to see as many as three physicians in one trip. This team approach also means a patient’s treatment plan can be determined in one visit.

The new center also has a retail pharmacy and offers access to the same advanced treatments, including more than 240 clinical trials, and technology available at Siteman’s main location at Washington University Medical Center.

The facility can treat up to 200 patients and visitors per day. Design features of the new center include vinyl plank flooring, high ceilings which allow an abundance of natural lighting to fill the facility, and chairs with individual temperature controls that allows patients to be comfortable no matter the temperature fluctuations in the room.

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