Brian Newgent is the Chief Information Officer of PARIC. He is responsible for the technology platform for all PARIC companies.


Brian is a 27-year Information Technology veteran, more than 15 years of which has been in construction technology leadership. He has had an expansive career path starting in 1997 as a Technical Services Manager and advancing to Senior Vice President of Technology for Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives in Indianapolis. He has been recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the Publicly Traded Company Tech Executives of the Year in Indianapolis, and his unique cybersecurity and construction technology perspective has been sought for various technical publications.


Brian can always be found volunteering time and expertise to various youth related projects. Most recently, Brian was in the news for his work establishing a computer lab at Camp Atterbury in Indiana for the benefit of displaced Afghan Refugees. Additionally, he has worked with the non-profit Aspire House in Indianapolis on various technological projects.