PARIC’S construction management professionals take pride in collaborating with each client to develop innovative, efficient and economical solutions for every project.

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PARIC utilizes its relationships and reputation as a construction leader to bring the area’s best talent to your project. Meeting tight deadlines, bringing the highest level of safety and quality to every project, and relentlessly delivering for our clients is the standard at PARIC. By partnering with the client and their architect and/or engineer throughout all phases, PARIC minimizes risk upfront.


PARIC’s Preconstruction Service Group provides clients with critical information and expertise throughout the lifecycle of their projects. We have determined that active involvement and collaboration during the preconstruction phase has the greatest potential influence on a project’s final cost.


PARIC retains a highly-skilled, self-perform team to provide greater control over safety, schedule and quality. When utilized, our clients have found this to be a value-added service with transparency and the utmost standards in quality.

Virtual Design & Construction

Because we believe in transparency for our clients at all times, we provide a fully integrated, cloud-based strategy for linking and sharing project information. Our approach is a strategic enterprise solution – leveraging our unified platform for financial controls, resource and asset management, and project delivery.

Building Services

PARIC’s industrial and commercial construction professionals serve as resources even after project is complete – even if we didn’t build it originally. We offer on-site assessments to determine the condition of a facility’s interior and exterior components. Our team will also advise on expansion and renovation plans, bringing expertise at the very early stages.