At PARIC, we work as a team with subcontractors to provide our clients with the area’s best talent. Each subcontractors adds their voice to the planning and execution of the build and bring their unique expertise to each project.

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Subcontractor Relations

At PARIC, we’re committed to both growing established relationships and building new ones. Your interest is appreciated, we look forward to working with you.

Here you’ll find information on:

  • Becoming a PARIC prequalified subcontractor
  • Projects currently bidding
  • Subcontractor agreements and insurance requirements
  • Minority subcontractors/supplier information

If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions, please contact Leticia Lago, Vice President, Preconstruction,

Bid Opportunities

PARIC continually offers multiple bidding opportunities for the subcontracting community. All contracts over $250,000 require prequalification prior to contract award.

PARIC utilizes SmartBidNet to manage all subcontractor bids. All bidders are welcome to bid on our public bid projects available through SmartBidNet.


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Subcontractors are critical to the success of every project. To ensure that the right company is selected for each specific job, PARIC requires all subcontractors to prequalify.

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Subcontractors working on PARIC projects are expected to meet our exacting standards. Doing so provides PARIC’s clients with peace of mind that comes from knowing we accept bids only from high quality, financially-sound subcontractors.

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Please note, all prequalification information must be updated annually to remain on the PARIC bid list. Please contact with any questions.

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Subcontractor Agreements & Insurance Requirements

PARIC’s Standard Subcontract Agreement includes standard terms and conditions, as well as project specific costs and clarifications. A sample of the Subcontract Agreement can be found below.

The Master Subcontractor Agreement has the same standard terms and conditions as the Standard Agreement. The project-specific items are for reference only and will be detailed on a project-by-project basis.

Upon submitting a proposal, the Subcontractor agrees to provide the applicable policies and limits stipulated.


At PARIC, we believe our workforce must represent the community. The goal of our MBE/DBE/WBE program is to provide maximum opportunity for minority, disadvantaged and women-owned firms to participate in all aspects of PARIC projects. The mission of this plan is to mentor and grow strong, independent M/D/WBE vendors and to enhance their prominence in our industry.

Joint Ventures or Mentor/Protégé Relationships
PARIC encourages subcontractor joint ventures and/or mentor/protégé plans to provide maximum opportunity. M/D/WBE inclusion will be strongly encouraged for all prime contractors bidding on projects, as well as subcontractors.

Bidding Opportunities
A focused effort will be made to award bids to M/D/WBEs in accordance with industry standards that regulate responsive and responsible bid prices and practices. Bids will be awarded as a result of a competitive process, with ultimate responsibility to the apparent low bidder.