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May 21, 2024

Start Building Your Future: PARIC’s Internship Program


PARIC’s summer internship program is built to provide undergraduate college students with hands-on experience and the framework to shape a successful career. For 11 weeks, students are paired with mentors and work side-by-side to learn the fundamentals of the construction industry. While working directly with project management, field operations and support departments, interns have the opportunity to support day-to-day operations throughout all stages of active construction projects.

Students are presented with the unique opportunity to experience various aspects of the construction process – from conception to completion – through a variety of jobsite tours throughout the program.


The road to success begins with PARIC’s core values. These core values are the core principles that bind our team together. In this spirit, all interns have the opportunity to participate in a community outreach project to fully experience life at PARIC.

In addition to on-site job training and community outreach, interns will learn the value of PARIC’s culture through team building activities. Our team building activities are designed to develop supportive partnerships and cross-functional collaboration. These carefully curated activities encourage creativity and innovation that will aid in the development of their careers.

The goal of PARIC’s internship program is to help build the foundation of one’s career by providing interns with the tools needed to be successful. Through firsthand jobsite experience and cultural immersion, PARIC strives to develop the next generation of industry leaders.