Fulton, MO 82,776 Sq. Ft

The 82,776 sq.ft. Callaway Electric Cooperative project includes an office building, a concrete panel warehouse and a maintenance building, all on a 120-acre site. The project was designed and built to meet LEED certification, making it one of the first green projects in Callaway County.

The facility has many innovations designed especially to meet the needs of the Cooperative, including a ground source heat pump that is used to heat and cool the entire building complex, electronic locks placed on doors and lights that come on automatically when people enter a room.  The new building is designed with an enclosed storage facility with in-floor radiant heating and 14 bays allowing big trucks, even with trailers, to enter through bay doors on one side and exit through the same size large doors on the other side of the building.

The building has numerous meeting rooms to handle the needs of various departments. One meeting room can be divided into two rooms. A conference room with overhead projectors and drop-down screens for presentations has also been added.