Cimarron Electric Cooperative

Kingfisher, OK

This project for Cimarron consisted of a new 21,110 sq. ft. warehouse facility and a 15,750 sq. ft. renovation to their existing warehouse.  The new warehouse building was constructed first to allow a phased move in for the existing warehouse.  

The new warehouse is designed as a pre-engineered steel building with pull-through truck bays designed to eliminate reverse truck traffic.  LED lights and other energy efficient design concepts are utilized throughout the building. 

The existing warehouse was transformed into a new engineering and operations center and with an open concept office with an industrial feel.  The original warehouse building was built with a pre-engineered steel building design and was modified to increase natural daylight into the space.  A storm-hardened area for disaster recovery and protection of critical operations was also added. 

Site improvements were made as a result of the expansions including a new generator, site paving, and utility enhancements.



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