Union Station Grand Hall and Market

St. Louis, Missouri

This renovation of an existing space inside of St. Louis Union Station, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was completed in approximately two and a half months.

The Grand Hall portion of the project was a renovation of 9,522 sq. ft. of space. This portion of the project included the renovation of features such as the original terrazzo floors and an existing patio. In addition to the refurbishing of existing features, the Grand Hall  now includes a new 90’ long decorative bar, new decorative monolithic columns, a new concierge desk and a new business center. The most unique feature of this space is the integration of a 3D mapping light show created in conjunction with TechnoMedia.

The Market is immediately adjacent to the Grand Hall and was completed as a part of the same project. This portion now includes, a coffee shop, a 3D train display, custom decorative terrazzo tile flooring, new glass storefronts, Venetian plaster work and built-in custom cabinetry. This section also included the restoration of artisanal paintings, arches, cornices, flat plaster walls and columns.

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