PARIC provides the most advanced tools and training for consistent growth.

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At PARIC, not only do we work together, we play together. Because sometimes the best way to get to know one another is outside of the office or the project.

Consistent Growth

A vital component of PARIC’s management plan is our safety program. We take pride in continually working to reduce our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) through these core foundations of safety:

  • An emphasis on safety training and expectations
  • A dedicated safety team structure to mandate accountability at every level of the organization
  • Empowering every employee with the right and authority to stop work when an activity is being performed in an unsafe manner
  • A mandatory substance abuse program that requires drug and alcohol testing of all employees, including pre-employment, random, reasonable cause and post-accident
  • Strict adherence to federal, state and local safety policies, in addition to PARIC safety policies