Hospitality and Entertainment


St. Louis, MO 500,000 Sq. Ft

This multi-million-dollar breathtaking fire, water, and light show features a 100-foot-long waterfall with 50 nozzles that spray water 40 feet down into the lake. Accompanied by music the lights turn the water into a variety of glowing colors accented by the icicle lights decorating the surrounding trees.  Eight floating lotus shaped pods on the lake shoot flames 25 feet into the air.

This project included the replacement of the existing deck with Tigerwood and deck extension to reach the full circumference of the lake, the deck also has an integral light cove to light the length of the path, while also being ADA accessible.

The lake was completely drained and cleaned out. The previous liner was removed and the lake was regraded and reshaped. A new liner was put in above the newly installed plumbing to improve drainage and water flow. Special pumps were installed to run water from the bottom of the lake back up to the rain curtain, which was hung from the existing train shed steel. Once the lotuses were delivered, the stainless-steel piping had to be welded together above the liner, and extra care was required to avoid rupturing the newly installed liner. Trees were planted surrounding the new lake and have been designed with LED tube lights that are choreographed with the music in the light show.